Solutions for Unions

Solutions for Unions

The Student Union is at the core of non-academic life. Through its service and organisation it offers students everything from the benefits of clubs and societies to the management of its own bars, night clubs and other entertainment centres.

Although the Internet is an obvious enabling medium for unions to create a total communications environment for use by their many members, few have been able to fully adopt the benefits of the Internet.

Because of their non-profit status; financial constraints often make it difficult for unions to make substantial investments in new technologies.

oncampusuk’s total communications solutions for unions are based on partnerships and a high level of service. If your union is considering its Internet options you should look at what oncampusuk has to offer:

Costless solutiononcampusuk provides a wealth of free services to Student Unions, including:

  • Free web site design and development
  • Free hosting
  • Free training
  • Free support
  • Free Union registration database

oncampusuk offers the complete solution: design, software, hosting, training and an experienced commercial management team to support it.

oncampusuk works in partnership with Unions, offering involvement in the design and construction of their site, annual reviews and free access to future technical developments.

Whats more, oncampusuk is offering a profit sharing agreement which we believe will be a highly valuable new and sustainable revenue stream for unions.

Our approach to revenue generation is centred on long-term commercial partnerships with corporates and other businesses keen to communicate with the undergraduate student population of the UK. The collective strength of the unions involved in the oncampusuk strategy ensures interest.

All commercial activity has to comply with the Union constitution

The release of our business model and software has drawn wide positive response. A growing number of unions have entered partnerships with us as our model outstrips competitive alternatives being put to student unions.

Your site

  • Design and structure is not restricted by software with fixed layout limits
  • Unlimited size – your site is as big as you want it
  • A simple password system – any number of contributors without compromising security


  • Easy to set up and administer within the system
  • Workload reduced for administrators, executives and work groups


  • Secure procedures in place for unions to collect information from their members – but it’s not a requirement for logging on.
  • Data collected is exclusively for union use – no spam mail from oncampusuk or anyone affiliated with us
  • Chance for the Union to collect their members information then contact them using SMS and e-mail through oncampusuk’s Student Alert Service.


Each of our sites has two types of forums/message boards available:

  • general union forums – which are threaded by topic
  • dedicated clubs and societies forums – to enhance communications between clubs and societies members

They are very popular sections for communication and banter between students

Partnership Revenues

Student Unions in the oncampusuk network benefit from a variety of revenue streams:

  • National advertising – unions enjoy a profit sharing arrangement on commercial activity by oncampusuk
  • Transactions – a share of the revenues

Local revenues and listings

  • Easy-to-use software for uploading local advertising and listings provided free to unions
  • Advertising order forms and contracts come as part of this package
  • Free marketing advice to assist in developing local revenue opportunities and rate cards

It’s the Students’ Site

  • Control of union content remains entirely with the union
  • Multi-editor capability allows lots of information from any number of sources – takes pressure off management and the executive

Search functions

  • A simple search structure – easy access to all parts of the site
  • Search engine notification of ALL site pages, quickly and easily – eg. Yahoo, Google easily find your web pages

oncampusuk executives are available to make a full presentation to unions, including the provision of a test site for evaluation. For further information and to arrange a presentation from our new business team please contact Ed Hartigan