Here’s what our partners have to say about us:

Pete Lewis, University of Leicester Students’ Union, Union President 2002-3

An impressive system which lets us have our website how we want it, but user friendly enough to allow all our students to put information on it. Having the oncampusuk site has made the web one of our primary methods of communication with our students.

Will Straw, Oxford University Students Union, 2002-3

I’ve been very impressed.

Vicky Hann, Liverpool JM Student Union, President 2002-3

Working with oncampusuk has brought several substantial advantages to LSU, and rejuvenated our communications with our members. The software has allowed much more extensive input from staff in all areas of our organisation, and has given them ownership and motivation to provide a truly useful communication tool. The oncampusuk team are always helpful. They relentlessly provide a personalised service that is both productive and inspiring.

Lucy Avens, Student Union University of Greenwich, VP Services 2002-3

I think its a very practical and beneficial way of providing Unions with a website that’s user friendly to use and update, and a support team at hand, who are highly skilled and knowledgeable to offer help when we need it. It works very well and all parties benefit.

Chantel Phippen, Student Union University of Greenwich, President 2001-3

oncampusuk have provided us with an excellent website, that’s easy to use, looks great and is the way forward for Students’ Unions.

Alex Kilbourn, University of Bristol Union, VP Communications 2002-3

oncampusuk have been both friendly and approachable, their software is easy to use and allows us to give access to many different students to ensure that our website remains relevant. They understand the needs of Students Unions and I have found them incredibly helpful.

Eleanor Stedman – Marketing Manager Anglia Polytechnic Student Union

We have been really pleased with the software, training and support from oncampusuk. The website is really beginning to take shape.

Oly Walmesley, VP Education 2002-3, University of Central Lancashire Students Union

oncampusuk provides a good standard of support and they are always willing to help you find a solution.

Sean Sullivan, VP Finance 2002-3, Oxford University Students Union.

oncampusuk are ideal partners for student unions seeking to provide a high quality web site to their students. Their software enables us to involve as many students as are willing in the content and editing and the result is a vibrant resource for all students that we have found to be incredibly popular.

Martin Deutsch, Webmaster, Glasgow Student Representative Council.

oncampusuk has provided a great way for us to run our website – and a multi-user content management system which requires no maintenance on our part.

Mat Gallagher, University of Huddersfield Student Union, President, 2001/2002

oncampusuk came to us as a practical and intelligent solution to our Unions needs. They have helped us create and develop a new and interesting way to reach students. The service they have supplied has always been informative, friendly and professional. I look forward to seeing their continued success.

Stuart Hill, De Montfort University Student Union, President 2001/2002

There are a lot of media sharks out there who want to make a quick buck in the student market. oncampus came to us with real website solutions and creative ideas rather than ploys to make fast money. Although the financial benefits are nice.

Ian Aitken, De Montfort University Student Union, Deputy President, Education and Welfare Vice President 2001/2002

One word to describe oncampusuk? Indispensable. They have provided us with a great communication tool for our many areas of student representation. Coming from someone who used to have problems figuring out e-mail that’s an achievement!

James Norris, University of Leicester Students Union, Vice-President Communications, 2001/2002

oncampusuk’s Customer Care program is first rate. They were an enormous help and very professional when we were building our website from scratch. We’re delighted with it.

Patrick Burkett, Student Union University of Greenwich, Vice-President Services, Students Union, 2001/2002

We like their approach to business and partnerships – it’s an extremely fair deal from which we both benefit.

Eleanor Fletcher, Oxford University Students Union, Vice-President Finance, 2001/2002

oncampusuk have delivered exactly what they promised, and more. Not only did we get a CMS, but we were also given software to run our local services directory – which is a new revenue stream for us.